About Us


Anju Sanitary Pad is a manufacturing company that makes eco-friendly hygiene products. We are innovators in the use of alternative materials and zero-waste production. Our mission is to create hygiene products that are good for the health, environment, and society.

History of Anju Sanitary Pad

Anju Sanitary Pad began in 2018, when the idea came to mind to create fully eco-friendly, compostable sanitary napkins using locally sourced 100% natural cotton/polyester fabric from Drivertole, 3 km Butwal to Bhairahawa road, where Anju Sanitary Pad is based. We were inspired by the idea of improving women’s access to sanitary pads in Nepal. Many women have bad experienced who have affected by having to face taboos around menstrual hygiene in Nepal. Anju was passionate about making a product that impacts women and not yet previously commercialized in Nepal. She was looking for an opportunity to explore sourcing natural Eco-Friendly materials for the sanitary pads to make a product that not only positively impacted women but also was good for the environment. Different brands of disposable pad were available in Nepal since all were are not suit for health, environment and community. Therefore Anju Sanitary Pad combined our experiences to conceive and develop a biodegradable and composteable sanitary pad with a cradle to cradle (completely sustainable) business model. Anju Sanitary Pad has business, technical, and local expertise to develop new products and set up manufacturing.

Eco friendly Anju Sanitary Pad

Eco Friendly

Anju Sanitary Pad items (Anjupad) are Biodegradable & Compostable, using PU (polyurethane) lamination for the leak-proof outer layers of the cloth pads. Many consumers have issues with irritation or rashes from the plastics/chemicals in standard pads. The average conventional sanitary pad contains 3.4g of plastic. This means that over her lifetime, the average woman will generate 23kg of plastic from sanitary pads alone. In 2012, there were 120 tons of sanitary pad waste in Nepal. When disposed of, Anju Sanitary Pad “Cloth Pad” degrade within a year – 1000 times faster than plastic pads! Since Anju Sanitary Pad don’t contain chemicals, they provide a rash and irritation free experience.

Compare-Disposble-Vs-Reusable-Menstrual-Pad Anju sanitary Pad

Compare to Disposable Pad

Anju Sanitary Pad items (Anjupad) are made with 100% natural cotton/polyester fabric because of its highly absorbent properties, and the environmental and social benefits of its supply chain. Most Disposable plastic sanitary pads use chlorine-bleached wood pulp as an absorbent, where as Anju Sanitary Pad use cotton/polyester which is Eco-Friendly.