Anjupad Blue Print Extra Heavy Flow Weight >40 and <60 kg Rs 1000/Jodi


Anjupad Blue print Extra Heavy flow(30x 18cm) is popular in urban area, mostly young ladies of high school, college and banks have demanded a lot. This size can handle about 4-6 hours depends upon individual blood flow. Doctor’s recommends, always change 3-4 hours use of reusable or disposable Pad. Cash on Delivery is available on Local Pick Up Store: see details at Shipping & Delivery Menu.
Comfortable and breathable, non-hot feeling.
Soft and comfortable without irritation, skin friendly, breathable and odor-free. Its 100% fabrics used, no plastic used, easy to use, wash and dry, eco friendly and best choices for eco conscious women.

Blue side   “up”, “upper”, “top” refer to the side of the pad that you will bleed on which touches your skin.

Colorful side “backing” or “back” refer to the side of the pad that goes against your underpants.

This item is Non-Returnable



Anjupad Blue print :
Size: Extra Heavy
Length: 30cm, Width: 18 cm

Washable & reusable.
Economically cost effective & can be used for 2-3 years.
Perfect for Extra Heavy flow mostly for 2nd & 3rd day. weight greater than 40 and less than 60 kg
Made of high quality soft antipill fleece super dry and absorbent microfiber terry for the best dry feel.
More comfortable to skin than the disposable pads.

How to wash Anjupad :
Rinse The Used Cloth Pads With Cold Water.
Use Ordinary Soap To Wash. Dry It In Sun.
If Needed You Can Put It In Soap Water For Some Time.
Don’T Brush On The Pads.



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